Unique stock index and information source for public companies operating within the graphic media space.

The SM20 Edge

Welcome to the Schnoll Media 20, the only graphic communications resource for insightful information on what is really happening with public graphic communication companies. Steven Schnoll operates a consulting company called Schnoll Media Consulting that provides strategic marketing and tactical graphic communication services for organizations like Canon USA, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, News America Marketing and Aflac. He was a graphic arts executive for over 30 years before starting his consulting firm.

Schnoll started the SM20 Index to track a cross section of the public companies that actively navigate the huge $300 billion industry waters when investment friends would query him about certain companies. He recognized at that time there was no reliable industry information resource for investors.

Steven is not a financial analyst and doesn't make recommendations or stock picks. His focus is providing information to the investment community on a core subject that he knows a great deal about. His insight in the graphics space is unique. He provides details and color into some misunderstood or lightly followed graphic media stocks that are not readily available through traditional sources.

Understanding the new technologies and concepts circulating within the graphics community can be confusing. He knows the industry language and can transform the hyperbole into understandable terms. Print is a dominant form of communication that is being transformed by the Internet and companies like Adobe, EFI, Vistaprint and many others are successfully capitalizing on advances in technology.

If you want to know more about this transforming 600 year old industry and at the same time be prepared for some interesting insight into the changing tools for today and tomorrow a discussion with Steven Schnoll may prove worthwhile.