Developing strategies for delivering relevant targeted content in a rapidly and dynamically changing media world.

Noel Ward

Associate Director, Schnoll Media Consulting
Managing Director, Brimstone Hill Associates

As Managing Director of Brimstone Hill Associates, Noel provides marketing communications services including video production, copywriting and marketing strategy to technology vendors and commercial, direct mail and transactional print providers. Noel has collaborated with SMC on several SMC projects and executed a series of notable videos.

Spanning over 35 years in digital printing, marketing communications and market research, Noel has edited five leading printing industry magazines and advised leading equipment and software vendors, franchisors and independent print providers on nearly all aspects of digital printing. He has moderated dozens of focus groups, developed qualitative and quantitative surveys in multiple industries, written hundreds of articles, blogs, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and at vendor-sponsored customer events. He has created numerous white papers, case studies, and produced promotional and training videos for industry leading companies.

Regardless of the medium or venue, Noel's primary focus is on communicating ways companies can use digital printing as a driver for business growth, productivity and efficiency.

Noel has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the University of Massachusetts