Developing strategies for delivering relevant targeted content in a rapidly and dynamically changing media world.

John Kypriotakis

Associate Director, Schnoll Media Consulting
President, Lysis Internation

John Kypriotakis has been a part of Schnoll Media Consulting for over 10 years working on a diversified group of projects including research on voice of the customer and marketplace trends as well as developing and implementing related strategy.

He is an outstanding interviewer especially with decision makers to determine organizational needs and industry trends.

Kypriotakis is an accomplished writer and speaker. He has written numerous articles for trade publications and newspapers and has addressed seminar audiences internationally on print industry trends.

John is also the president and founder of Lysis International, a Sales Management Consulting firm based in Tampa, FL. At Lysis, John has focused on increasing clients’ revenues and profitability by optimizing their sales and customer experience efforts.

His practical approach to research is informed through interviews and surveys with decision makers, print and media buyers, as well as observation and collaboration with client teams.

John has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Cleveland State University